Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns: Universal Title Match: SmackDown, April 30, 2021
The Head of the Table goes to war with Daniel Bryan in a Universal Championship Match with The Leader of the "Yes!" Movement’s SmackDown future hanging in the balance. Watch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • East6aby_704

    I usually don’t like Daniel Bryan but this match made him look good

  • Russell Kuckenbaker
    Russell Kuckenbaker

    WWE is fake they get paid to do it

  • Dwi Wahyu
    Dwi Wahyu

    Roman ia finiser Daniel lock

  • marjorie

    I love Roman riengs ❤️

  • melodie woss
    melodie woss

    Roman will lose the universal championship because he can't follow the rules seth rollins will beat him

  • Ikonik

    I would love to see hell Roman reigns vs brock Lesnar

  • Isaac Franklin
    Isaac Franklin

    I don't acknowledge Roman Reigns as my Tribal Chief.

  • Jay Magee
    Jay Magee

    I bet Michael b Jordan can beat him

  • Maik van Rijen
    Maik van Rijen

    The head klem is a copy from the MMA 😴😴😴😴

  • Brandon Hearn
    Brandon Hearn

    My question is who is going to step up next and take the title from him?

  • Matthew du Sart
    Matthew du Sart

    Thank you Roman bye bye Daniel not the goat Bryan 👋.

  • Shydaopp

    I wonder who going win now Brock or Roman 🤔

  • iorliam aondofa
    iorliam aondofa

    Roman Reigns

  • Leena Toto
    Leena Toto

    I mean the truth mighty

  • Leena Toto
    Leena Toto

    Wwe should make a Roman reigns and bobby lashley tag team and the theme should be the might truth

  • Leena Toto
    Leena Toto

    You need to book a roman reigns and Kevin Owens and riochet match maybe a rivalry please wwe I'm a big fan

  • 4J's Angels
    4J's Angels

    I'm so excited only to watch if Roman reigns fight

  • Shahrvin Segar
    Shahrvin Segar


  • jr brill
    jr brill

    This match is the definition of bad booking

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley

    Seth rollins must be the man that defeats roman reigns

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood


  • Hadyan Jade - SpeedCuber
    Hadyan Jade - SpeedCuber

    he's not even squeezing🙄

  • Abimael Cruz
    Abimael Cruz

    I hope you renewed your contract. I have idea for Daniel bryan. What if you form a group called underdogs of destruction uod. Your members are Drew Gulak, Mustafa Ali and Ricochet

  • ItsNoahScott

    Roman is awesome

  • HighFlyingBird82

    I've never heard Pat McAfee before. Ever. He is excellent. As was this match. Brilliant. Roman's new theme is so good. Finally a character update!!!!!

  • Zakir Ahmadi
    Zakir Ahmadi

    Wow very nice

  • Michael Godday
    Michael Godday

    Roman reigns for life

  • Kareem Mahmoud
    Kareem Mahmoud

    I Love you Roman Reigns

  • Bandong Rosalie
    Bandong Rosalie

    love you Roman reigns your the best in wwe and humble person in wwe

  • Teza

    Bryan is the literal GOAT. Vince give him what he wants!

  • Dave

    This was one of the greatest matches of the past year! 🔥 great chemistry

  • Shirley cruz
    Shirley cruz

    Daniel was never universal champion

  • Vert Reese
    Vert Reese

    That the only thing Roman can do to win

  • Ben A
    Ben A

    Na na na na na na na na, hey hey, hey, goodbye.... Daniel Bryan 🍺

  • deadpoolnerd

    Ironic Roman chokes out and beats Bryan with a guillotine choke. Ironic because when Bryan started with WWE wasn't that his finisher before the yes lock.

    • REDACTED !!
      REDACTED !!

      I remember Bryan doing it to cena

    • Yifeng Toh
      Yifeng Toh

      Really? I didn't know

  • Më Hďï
    Më Hďï

    Who's here after his contract expired ? 😢 I hope he'll sign a new one and comback to WWE

  • Jose Acevedo
    Jose Acevedo

    *"What's Bryan Danielson doing in the IMPACT Zone?!"*

  • Douglas Doyle
    Douglas Doyle

    The second I heard that new theme I knew Daniel Bryan’s fate was sealed.

  • Technical Zulqarnain Liaqat
    Technical Zulqarnain Liaqat

    I like roman 🇵🇰

  • Gianni Denaro
    Gianni Denaro

    Odio Roma reigns👎

  • Chioma Okere
    Chioma Okere

    It felt as if i was watching an horror movie

    • Yifeng Toh
      Yifeng Toh

      It wasn't that scary lol

  • rome claypool
    rome claypool

    I love Roman when he lose the built I’m done watching wwe

  • Iron man
    Iron man

    Why do they have a barricade for a bunch of TV screens????

  • NotxarB

    Can someone please tell me how this man kicked out of the spear? 🧐🧐🤨🤨

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark

    Goes to raw get world heavyweight championship opponent

  • kisting

    Roman you are manly

  • Brittany Vance
    Brittany Vance

    If Roman doesn’t except Braun Stroman challenge then he’s a baby and a scaredy cat

    • REDACTED !!
      REDACTED !!

      He already beat him

  • Brittany Vance
    Brittany Vance

    I want a Braun Stroman versus Roman reigns rematch For the universal championship tonight on SmackDown

  • Danti Predes
    Danti Predes

    1:48 la señora del meme (se ehace la vistima) 😂😂

  • Henry S
    Henry S

    Chupaaaaaaaaa Roman Reis é um mostroooooo tudo seu Roman parabéns 👊👊

  • Sandra Owusu
    Sandra Owusu

    Roman should hold this title for another year....he's too good

  • Sandra Owusu
    Sandra Owusu

    Its always good to Acknowledge the tribal chief......Roman is the best

  • Hands Only Wrestling!
    Hands Only Wrestling!


  • Necropants

    Why did they ruin 5 years of this man's career pushing him as a babyface no one could believe in? Well, At least they are finally doing it I guess.... That finisher is so much better than the fake punch rugby tackle combo. Okay Bryan now go wrestle those matches against Pac we were robbed of by WWE.

  • Q-M-Q

    I'm surprised wwe still can put on a good show. But I'm not too surprised because it's D Bryan. He's one of the last of a dying breed...

  • Alfonso Green
    Alfonso Green

    I gotta ask what's next 4 Daniel Bryan?

  • بندر حسين
    بندر حسين


  • Kayla Barco
    Kayla Barco

    hey daniel did you win

  • Ngeh Clinton Tata
    Ngeh Clinton Tata

    Daniel Bryan deserves that, He was also like Roman when he had the title (same character)

  • TheMessiah

    Heel or face I'll probably never like Reigns.. He'll always be the same corporate built dude WWE pushes to the moon and back at the expense of waaaaaay more deserving and talented wrestlers

  • 23k. Dandre
    23k. Dandre

    Alright now plz give up cesaro I’m tired of seeing Daniel Bryan

  • MLG_ Leo7
    MLG_ Leo7

    people are loving the new Roman reigns for me it doesn't hit the same

  • Sarksonnessly


  • Hydra Dominatus
    Hydra Dominatus

    Pat is great calling the match.

  • Joshua Chadwick
    Joshua Chadwick

    U can say that Chris Chris Jericho beat Austin and rock in the same night but db beat 3 members of evolution in one night

  • Jacob Fay
    Jacob Fay

    Whats crazy to me is people forget Roman has real life health issues probably most days of the week, yet he stays in shape, gets better as a performer, and with his own character is actually very very good! Im so impressed that this man battles real illness all the time and gets so much hate. People need to seperate entertainment from life and real this man is a beast

  • Ismail Esa
    Ismail Esa

    I wanna see romain regins vs Seth Rollins at wrestlemaina backlash

  • Aminu Danmusa
    Aminu Danmusa


  • Jonn2k

    And ppl said he needed Jay Uso to win lol

  • Eric Guerra
    Eric Guerra

    Unpopular opinion: Reigns is now just a knockoff Brock Lesnar instead of a John Cena bootleg.

  • Jasmine _lol
    Jasmine _lol

    Let’s talk about how fine this man is oooo Roman looking like a snack

    • Jasmine _lol
      Jasmine _lol

      @Trenee Clifton lmao I’m srry but is true I got pictures of him😭😂

    • Trenee Clifton
      Trenee Clifton

      Bruh chill you sus 🤨

  • Odukoya gbotemi
    Odukoya gbotemi

    My crush, always the best.

  • يحيا الشعب الأمريكي و الأجانب جميعهم .
    يحيا الشعب الأمريكي و الأجانب جميعهم .

    مصارعه حمااااااااااسيييييييه كفو الزعيم رومن رينز ، 🔥🔥🔥 💪💪💪 💪💪💪 ، للأسف دانيال براين إنطرد من سماك داون للأسف ، 🥺🥺🥺 .

  • Zach Hawkins
    Zach Hawkins

    Dont f it up WWE

  • Claudius Jean
    Claudius Jean

    Like Super Cena last decade, here's Super Roman!


    The tribal chief vs the king of swing, the roman empire vs the cesaro section, the gelotine choke vs the sharpshooter, the spear vs the nutrilizer, and the superman punch vs the Swiss death uppercut, basically I hope roman fights cesaro next believe that!👊👊

  • B Sad
    B Sad

    Reigns beat Cesaro in 2017 with a spear. It will happen again.


    Pat mcaffe says Daniel.bryan could of been champion again even thos he's never won it

  • طارق باعباد
    طارق باعباد

    جيش رومان مر من هنا عاش بطل درع

  • Carolin Lack
    Carolin Lack


  • lynn wira
    lynn wira

    Roman did not say anything about bryan going to raw or nxt so Daniel bryan carier can continue

  • Mohamed Abdel moniem
    Mohamed Abdel moniem

    Poor acting

  • C S
    C S

    Great match! More selling like this. More wrestling spots like this. More story telling like this. Bring back old school mechanics to get old school fans back.

  • حسن محمد ال محمد
    حسن محمد ال محمد


  • Angel Quizhpilema
    Angel Quizhpilema

    He better than Brock lesnar


    I miss roman reigns back then😔

  • Usman Habib
    Usman Habib

    Didn’t tap out! Respect man

  • anthony desantis
    anthony desantis

    Bye bye yes movement I hated that chant anyways

  • ElementExodius

    Isn't the diving headbutt banned

    • lxlkl

      this was probably his last wwe match

  • Dovydas

    Love Daniel Bryan! Thank You Daniel! WM 30 Main Event, WM 37 Main Event, This Smackdown Main Event - you made them classic and perfect! and lots of amazing memories with yes movement and lots of amazing matches! Thank You Daniel Bryan! You are Wrestling Genius! I can't wait to see you somewhere else in the ring!

  • Dovydas

    Thank You Daniel Bryan! You were the main reason i watched WWE!

  • Thomas Scott
    Thomas Scott

    An unpopular opinion, but Roman's new music is awful. Sounds like generic wwe 2k music.


    i dont like roman new theme song i like the old better



  • Collinz

    Yep. I can finally say the Roman Reigns a top guy. No mistake about it

  • behrooz Mosavi
    behrooz Mosavi

    I love you roman❤️

  • MKaufman850

    the constant camera cuts are really hard to watch.

  • Anthony bhola
    Anthony bhola

    Roman is best!!!


    Daniel Bryan Last Wwe Match 😢

  • Fabian Roblox yt
    Fabian Roblox yt

    Who will win a rematch brock Lesnar vs Roman