Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman - Universal Championship Match: SmackDown, Oct. 16, 2020
The Tribal Chief and The Monster square off in an epic Universal Title clash on the SmackDown season premiere. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • WEB Forever
    WEB Forever

    Classic corporate Rock action with the chair shots

  • Roman Reigns Fan
    Roman Reigns Fan


  • Ciree Flood
    Ciree Flood


  • Brandon Baker
    Brandon Baker

    At the begin of the match roman make Braun look like a baby but back then braun was the one beating roman butt

  • Christian Dhanai
    Christian Dhanai

    Y not let this roman go up with brock lesner

  • Iron Gameplay
    Iron Gameplay

    Here Lies Braun Strowman Death Cause: WWE Release 2016-2021 Braun Strowman

  • Abolfazl Parchianlo
    Abolfazl Parchianlo

    King roman

  • Gabe Brophy
    Gabe Brophy

    Great match

  • Chaos Ascends
    Chaos Ascends

    Sucks that Strowman got released of his contract. WWE ruined his career. He was one of the most dominant people in the WWE until he lost the Universal Championship

  • Jimmy Santana
    Jimmy Santana

    Wwe gave braun every opportunity to succeed, he just couldn't get the job done, then started getting mad at Shane, gtfoh you fired

  • Yahya Zaini
    Yahya Zaini

    roman reigns size is almost same as braun strowman now

  • Orlando Harris
    Orlando Harris

    Me never rate how roman reigns did his cousin's

  • Boss Gaza
    Boss Gaza

    Bad boy Roman reigns

  • Maik van Rijen
    Maik van Rijen

    Not really original hmmmm 🤔🤔😴😴

  • Maik van Rijen
    Maik van Rijen

    Submission is a MMA moves 🤔🤔🤔

  • Adam's Pokémon
    Adam's Pokémon

    He lost how he is so good

  • Lindell Patterson
    Lindell Patterson

    Can't nobody beat Big Roman The toughest WWE has seen

  • Ahmad Noweir
    Ahmad Noweir

    Bruh why tf would such a wrestler be released

  • Adam Aiman
    Adam Aiman

    Braun got released.....🙁

  • freestyle aron
    freestyle aron

    Guinn ronan

  • Ameyaw Gyamfi
    Ameyaw Gyamfi

    The heel we've all been waiting for

  • Courtney Family
    Courtney Family

    Roman regins wins

  • Sillykids Tv
    Sillykids Tv

    Roman got sassy, after he got his blet

  • Pedro Gamer
    Pedro Gamer

    Roman Reigns não merece esse titulo

  • ameer

    0:47 wow

  • Lucy Sookdeo
    Lucy Sookdeo

    Did you see goldberg

  • Yahya Zaini
    Yahya Zaini

    Why braun strowman look skinny in here

    • Coltkiller Gaming
      Coltkiller Gaming

      Lost weight

  • im too_pretty
    im too_pretty

    * You just figured out he doesn't have hair no more *

  • el el memmedov
    el el memmedov

    Hahah..Roman destroyed him

  • Mr. L
    Mr. L

    And this would start WWE jobbing Strowman for Lashley and Mcintyre

    • Coltkiller Gaming
      Coltkiller Gaming

      There trying to keep lashley and McIntyre strong I think they didn’t want to make him look weak it took a claymore and a spear to take him out

    • REDACTED !!
      REDACTED !!

      Good, he sucks

  • Fatime Lecini
    Fatime Lecini

    Roman reksin👍👍👍

  • Genesis Mabanta
    Genesis Mabanta

    Is my favorite wrestler is roman reigns

  • Super Kid
    Super Kid

    i feel like Roman is really good right nor but i think he was better when he wasn’t a heel

    • Iron Gameplay
      Iron Gameplay

      Roman Reigns Heel = Thanos

  • ɪᴛᴀᴍɪ •
    ɪᴛᴀᴍɪ •

    Roman reigns reminds me of gajeel for some reason

  • DarkSide 2k
    DarkSide 2k

    Strawman's face has turned purple and he became thanos

  • Moon Boy
    Moon Boy

    I like roman now i am no like

  • Moon Boy
    Moon Boy

    I like wwe l like roman

  • Amirul khan
    Amirul khan

    Ban ban padpa

  • CryptoWithAim

    Best match

  • You l5ofache Welcome l5ofache
    You l5ofache Welcome l5ofache


  • Chrisman Jc
    Chrisman Jc

    Román reings 👻👻💪💪

  • RhaegarTargaryenYT

    Its almost like reigns has been training with lesnar isnt it?

  • Cesia Maldonado
    Cesia Maldonado

    I hate you so much

  • Cesia Maldonado
    Cesia Maldonado

    You are so cute I just can’t wait to see you

  • fano sumi
    fano sumi


  • Vanderleia Silva
    Vanderleia Silva

    Eita que acivea fumo pro hots😂😂😂

  • Cow Goes Quack !
    Cow Goes Quack !

    For me, this was where Roman started to get overrated, after this match and the hell in the cell match, he always relies on outside interference to win a match. This version of Roman where he beat Braun clean really makes him look like the "Tribal Chief" that he calls himself like 10x every week. He ain't no Tribal Chief if he needs Jey Uso to win him like every PPV including BIG ppvs including Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

  • Life Of The JTwins
    Life Of The JTwins

    Where is the old Braun strowman

  • Prince Kazhila
    Prince Kazhila

    here's to us who always loved Roman reigns going back to the big dog and this is my yard days. Our Tribal chief

  • Жазира Кыдырали
    Жазира Кыдырали

    Roman Reigns I love you 😘😘😘

  • Cimarron Hopper
    Cimarron Hopper

    Funny how alot of you people who i knew were booing him all the sudden love him Lol typical

    • Deldrine Mattox
      Deldrine Mattox

      Ikr I’ve always been a fan of his even from his Nxt Days and the heel turn just made me like him more

  • Pistikeh Official
    Pistikeh Official

    Roman the best

  • Rahul playzzz
    Rahul playzzz

    I still dont understand y would family turn on family

  • Elizabeth.

    3:11 to the end was History 👏🏻☠️

  • PandaBear

    what happened to the roman reigns we know once.

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown

    I wish roman never had a heelturn

  • Eddie Castell
    Eddie Castell

    Fun fact: Roman reigns beat Braunstroman fast but for beat wyat and Braun is was a long match

  • Elian Soler
    Elian Soler

    The Best Roman

  • Daniel Hackman
    Daniel Hackman

    The guillotine it's going to keep the title for a long time good job Roman

  • Amelia García Cazarín
    Amelia García Cazarín

    3:37 a mimir

  • Robert J #4
    Robert J #4

    Imagine of the whole world was like roman reigns

  • Ghxostyz

    Roman is my favourite, but i like the old him.

  • Alex Cueva_™Akiles
    Alex Cueva_™Akiles

    K rindió a Brow Estrouma

  • Juani Leon
    Juani Leon

    Te odio Román reings

  • Duma

    Is it me or did Braun get smaller or did Reigns get bigger?

  • Queen Lauren
    Queen Lauren

    Do not ever do that again because family is more important than any wwe thing

  • Jonalyn Hechanova
    Jonalyn Hechanova

    Why jey uso did that?

  • Kiya Vas
    Kiya Vas

    If I had strowmans body I would have walked around naked even in snow


    I hate roman and he has gotten evil for what he did to the usos

  • تركي الحمر
    تركي الحمر

    آل لسعودي يحط اليك

  • CMO999 playz
    CMO999 playz

    braun used to squash roman but here roman killed braun.... How long we became


    That finisher of Roman Reigns is awesome.

  • Maicol Cont
    Maicol Cont

    vai boss

  • Loui Mane
    Loui Mane

    WWE Died when most of all the Wcw and Wwf wrestlers retired and these Cringe new wrestlers sign in

  • احمد حسين
    احمد حسين


  • Sir Alphons
    Sir Alphons

    He lost again !!! What’s happened, Braun ????😳😳😳

  • Ryan Ingham
    Ryan Ingham

    10 famdale close wingate

  • Gopinath Ahire
    Gopinath Ahire

    I love roman

  • Camp

    Roman is god

  • Serpentine Deity
    Serpentine Deity

    Anyone notice how Reigns becomes a mini version of The Great Khali during payperviews?

  • AKAXX30

    Wwe is entertaining because roman reigns is killing it in smackdown

  • Bell End
    Bell End

    I absolutely loved this match! Heel Roman is the goddamn best and he should never lose the universal title. Heel Reigns is invincible and you can’t disagree.

  • ImpKing72

    Can someone explain the uso reigns story here

  • FaZe Fire Agony Show
    FaZe Fire Agony Show

    Reigns is best 🤙

    • FaZe Fire Agony Show
      FaZe Fire Agony Show

      @Fernando Davalos 🤣🤣🤣never

    • Fernando Davalos
      Fernando Davalos

      Jajajajajajajajajajaja Nakamura and rock best

  • Bx


  • GewoonThijs

    Braun Strowman is the best❤️❤️❤️💪💪

  • joshinio .Darren
    joshinio .Darren

    Never saw tha Roman dominated Strowman like that

  • birds 2020 m1
    birds 2020 m1

    بطل 💪

  • Amino

    Roman king is back with another win💪🏻🔥

  • Pokhreli kanchhi
    Pokhreli kanchhi

    Roman reings good💕💕

  • Jercolby Reeves
    Jercolby Reeves

    Icl roman got tall tho


    Oooooof wwe has its own zoom class covid be killing jt

  • underteikery qeity
    underteikery qeity


  • maiquen Feliciano
    maiquen Feliciano

    Pls make it Roman reigns versus the rock

  • Samuel Ferreira
    Samuel Ferreira

    Alguém me explica oq ouve pq eu ñ entendi

  • Maria Maria
    Maria Maria

    Roman Reigns 🏋🏽‍♂️🏋🏽‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♂️🏋🏽‍♂️🏋️‍♂️

  • Kuri

    Imagine the Shield as heels..

  • Ly Souzaramos
    Ly Souzaramos

    Procurou agora achou

  • Ly Souzaramos
    Ly Souzaramos

    Ronam ♥️♥️


    Roman Reigns 🔥