Roman Reigns' new entrance: SmackDown, April 30, 2021
The Head of the Table emerges for his Universal Title Match against Daniel Bryan with a whole new theme song.
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  • Brandon Lovell-Shaw
    Brandon Lovell-Shaw


  • Kieron Spiteri
    Kieron Spiteri

    Hope brock returns and heyman betrays reings

  • Ethan Allen
    Ethan Allen

    Not bad, very modern. This theme will also go over well once he turns face again.

  • Sneaky Boy
    Sneaky Boy

    I love how you can still here bits of the Shield theme in this new one. It gives the impression that Roman has evolved and far surpassed his Shield days.

  • Karl

    Now all Memories of shield Is delete

  • Abdulkader Husaini
    Abdulkader Husaini

    Bow down to the KIng of Smackdown ❤️❤️

  • Broker

    No os parece que la entrada cuando camina hacia el ring parece echo por ordenador o soy yo solo

  • Anglo Browza
    Anglo Browza

    O verrona

  • Seany Boi
    Seany Boi

    Paul be vibing 0:36

  • Halfpipe Lama
    Halfpipe Lama

    Roman reigns is like the final boss in video games

  • simp

    Not Paul tryna walk cool 😭😭

  • The Biz
    The Biz

    I really did think a dark souls 3 boss was gonna come out!!!!!

  • OfficiallyKevin

    I love the beginning part it’s almost like the final boss music


    This new Roman is the best since the rock and stone cold

  • Basit Abdul
    Basit Abdul

    Nah Paul Heyman looked so cuteeeee

  • sergio ramos
    sergio ramos

    Новая эпоха

  • Zain ALATTAR
    Zain ALATTAR

    Roman and heymans smug walk like they aren’t walking out to one of the greatest wrestling themes to ever be made

  • Eurias Dyson
    Eurias Dyson

    roman is the final boss of smackdown

  • V.G. Castle
    V.G. Castle

    00:23 Diavolo rewinds time

  • Denny C
    Denny C

    sorry buy paul heyman make this entrance 10 times better

  • professoreinstein6

    My man feels like the final boss in a video game. Like a really hard game that you've spent a ton of time getting to. Just imagine a stadium full of people chanting along with and cheering him on when this comes on. You dim the lights a bit, drag him coming out a bit longer, and give him that same menacing look...damn Roman. Good on you.

  • bry4n l0p3z
    bry4n l0p3z

    the last time i watched WWE was when the universal championship was announced and Finn Balor beat Seth Rollins for it. The belt was red 😭 how did it become blue

  • jabhi phungwayo
    jabhi phungwayo

    Paul Heyman makes d entrance legendary

  • Mike Otaku
    Mike Otaku

    I like the old theme and new theme.

  • peep4life

    I feel like the piano part of this reminds me of another theme song I love and can’t think of it someone help

    • Raymond Babatunde
      Raymond Babatunde

      Ultimo dragon or tagiri

  • Mo Lunat96
    Mo Lunat96


  • County Kowloon Boyz
    County Kowloon Boyz

    The strings in it are a subtle, nice touch

  • fmthebaron

    Lashley's is better.

  • EmpireX

    I’m Roman2❤️❤️🤙🏻

  • Jack Kennedy
    Jack Kennedy

    Roman reigns is a beast 🔥🔥

  • Geek Ssbu
    Geek Ssbu

    New roman > old roman

  • Diego castillo
    Diego castillo

    I’m tired of reigns tbh!!!

  • ryiscept

    Probably surpass cm punk then lose it

  • darko jankovic
    darko jankovic


  • James Hill
    James Hill

    I thought everybody hated RR? Why are we onboard with him, now?

  • Nicholas M Daskievige
    Nicholas M Daskievige

    Paul will betray Roman after Brock comes back

  • Shoe Maker
    Shoe Maker

    Didn’t like the idea of changing his theme at first, but then I heard it, and it SLAPS.

  • Charles Baker
    Charles Baker

    Miss the old roman...

  • Stormfront Anderson
    Stormfront Anderson

    They need to change the Roman Empire logo on titantron into a new tribal chief logo and with Samoan aesthetic touches to fit his heritage

  • Orlando Olivo
    Orlando Olivo

    Roman reigns walking like thanos lol

  • Hooah Vapors
    Hooah Vapors

    The way paul walked beside him LMAO

  • AJ Photography
    AJ Photography

    I feel like this new reigns will definitely beat cm punks record off holding the title especially with Paul Heyman by his side🙌🏽

  • Orlando Olivo
    Orlando Olivo

    Man this theme song be knocking hard .lol


    0:41 Paul's walk is like Roman reigns

  • Maguis

    See... this right here is what a good undefeated heel looks like! And yes, I'm biased towards Roman, ok? 🤣

  • Jediah Vakacavu
    Jediah Vakacavu

    His whole demeanor said "You have sealed your fate".

  • Fight goes fight
    Fight goes fight

    0:23 How about Adding some lyrics with it ? 🤩

  • MBEffects

    He get booed so much that it became a normal thing for him.😂

  • Ryan Motoyama
    Ryan Motoyama

    Piano licks are too baby

  • Random vibes
    Random vibes

    Roman a goat

  • Anime Boy
    Anime Boy

    0:38 Roman Reigns Stando PAUL HAYMEN

  • Ryback TV
    Ryback TV

    💪 💪

    • ʎʇʃ

      @Liam McDougall Atleast talking without having a point

    • simp


    • Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher

      @Liam McDougall are you high right now?😑

    • Legendary Jobber
      Legendary Jobber


    • Liam McDougall
      Liam McDougall

      Go away Ryback, until you apologise for disrespecting the business keep yourself far away from the WWE.

  • Gameboy Kenny
    Gameboy Kenny

    This would have been the perfect time to put Roman Reigns on the cover of 2K22, but he was already on 2K20's cover. I just think that this Roman is a lot better.

  • Gameboy Kenny
    Gameboy Kenny

    I wonder what the rivalry between John Cena and this new & improved Roman Reigns will look like now. 🤔

  • Gameboy Kenny
    Gameboy Kenny

    That new theme fits him perfectly 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pete

    Roman’s theme song just makes him more badass

  • Snias Gilgeous
    Snias Gilgeous

    Roman new theme matches his new character

  • sjcflawless

    It’s the same guitar riff from his old theme, nice!

  • MoneyMakin Mitch
    MoneyMakin Mitch

    This Song 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • K Junior
    K Junior

    Love Roman Reigns but his old entrance was way better

  • Tk 780
    Tk 780

    This man just feels like he's on a level above everyone else in wwe right now. This is the Roman we should have always had

  • Tarik Fretes
    Tarik Fretes

    Bow to the greatest champion of the last 50.000 years ( sorry kenny)

  • Tribal F*cker
    Tribal F*cker

    Daniel Bryan: Why do i hear boss music?

  • RMJ23

    As much as I don't like Roman Reigns, I respect the improvements that have been made to his character.

  • Franco De Renzis
    Franco De Renzis

    Imagine if Wwe buy the theme off God Of War and put in the entrance off Roman Reings

  • Zaim Ortiz
    Zaim Ortiz



    Rest In Peace The Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta S.H.I.E.L.D

  • Muh arzy R
    Muh arzy R

    Believe that

  • Tibex RO
    Tibex RO

    Goodbye my Last chance to see The Shield again

  • The Apex Beat
    The Apex Beat

    To paul Heymans gangsta walk to Roman's confidence this entrance is absolute fire and filled with swag

  • Sibulele T.
    Sibulele T.

    My boys Roman and Heyman ate that entrance 🔥🔥

  • Madu Tiga
    Madu Tiga

    basically seth rollins jesus theme rippoff

  • Emin Yiğit
    Emin Yiğit


  • Emin Yiğit
    Emin Yiğit


  • maximilian8777

    Yes but it's still an ugly and generic song. it is shameful that WWE not even for what should be its Top Stars, buys the rights to a real song. WWE take example from AEW

  • Yatoku [Yakuza]
    Yatoku [Yakuza]

    Vince: how much push you want? Roman: yes

  • Michael Musick
    Michael Musick

    This is the Roman we’ve always wanted.

  • NASA

    Looks like taker when he comes out

  • Tyeson tyeson
    Tyeson tyeson

    in sync just like the old WWE games


    so this is what the ads meant when they showed "Lvl 5: Rookie" becoming "Lvl 999: Mafia Boss"


    Why everyone dont like roman reigns

  • _ YungFo41745
    _ YungFo41745

    Nice sound and great character development shoutout Roman Reigns

  • Roberto Martinez
    Roberto Martinez

    Acknowledge the Tribal chief But dam this Entrance fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Žach

    Smackdown locker room: uhhh do you guys hear the raid boss music?

  • Ace Holtzie
    Ace Holtzie

    You can tell Paul loves the music lol

  • Jardell Cleveland
    Jardell Cleveland

    lowkey fire


    Remember when wrestling songs used to have lyrics?

    • Ronald Campos
      Ronald Campos

      Oh yes... the stone cold ones and the undertaker ones...

  • Miguel Ortega
    Miguel Ortega


  • Anthony Willis
    Anthony Willis

    Funny how Roman reigns, is symbolic the Roman empire. Wwe love European history,

  • G-Dub

    Paul E with that gangsta walk 😂

  • BigMall TV
    BigMall TV

    This is THE final form THE final boss THE head of the table THANOS

  • OSCAR Gg oran mota
    OSCAR Gg oran mota

    No ma esa canción ya no queda con el está fea Estaba mejor la otra :( No ma, that song is no longer with him, it's ugly The other one was better :(

  • BigMall TV
    BigMall TV

    This is Final Form. Final Boss Roman.

  • Obsessivefanboy

    Why didn't he debut this at Wrestlemania???

  • TJ Tillman
    TJ Tillman

    They should’ve premiered this at wrestlemania

  • Orlando Jordan
    Orlando Jordan

    That theme go hard fr

  • Kelv Mwangangi
    Kelv Mwangangi

    come on that isnt a boss theme,,,,,its a god theme.

  • Mr_Tuxedo

    I really don’t like it. It doesn’t seem like it would play well in front of fans. Just so generic

  • Mr youtube mania
    Mr youtube mania

    Did not like it

  • tharushaka mendis
    tharushaka mendis

    Finally heet turn was complete 🤙🤙