Roman Reigns orders Jey Uso to redeem the Uso Family against Kevin Owens: SmackDown, Nov. 6, 2020
Ruling that Kevin Owens is interfering in family business, Universal Champion Roman Reigns charges his cousin Jey Uso with taking care of it. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • Clamps Johnson
    Clamps Johnson

    Love how Roman gets on jey case a lot cause he want to see him elevate into a singles Competitor

  • Hanz

    Yo Its been a long time since I watched WWE.When did Roman turn heel??

  • GamerArtificial

    if KO thinks the family is a joke the rock and roman and sika and rikisha be like:So you have chosen death

  • Mark Dangerfield
    Mark Dangerfield

    Something is getting ready to happen very bad

  • Elijah Louissaint
    Elijah Louissaint

    For the last time Roman is your 2nd cousin

  • Maronmikhail Soriano
    Maronmikhail Soriano

    The curious age revealingly steer because deposit emphatically hum concerning a upset cousin. creepy, spooky need

  • Wlliam Nduko
    Wlliam Nduko

    i love roman reigns but sometimes he is a bit to bossy

  • Jakiya Carr
    Jakiya Carr

    roman starting to act different since he got the universe champion ship- and he changes on jimmy and he sounds like he trynna make jey betray jimmy.....



  • mîr Huńchö
    mîr Huńchö

    I’m sorry but I’ve always loved Roman reigns even when everyone hated him now I love him even more him turning heel and beefing with his cousin is the best storyline in wwe right now

  • Life Changing
    Life Changing

    Roman reings was my favorite wwe superstar but know he’s acting like Brock Lesnar now i hate Roman reings’



  • Pamela Deck
    Pamela Deck

    Roman rigens not him fox wew jey

  • Pamela Deck
    Pamela Deck

    Roman rigens

  • Matrix 831
    Matrix 831

    Can’t believe this was 6 months ago!😮

  • Lil Polo G
    Lil Polo G

    "If he disrespect you then he disrespect me" I Love a family like that.

  • Kush Smoke
    Kush Smoke

    Paul saved Reigns

  • FNaF Fan
    FNaF Fan

    0:53 *”Hey Idiot.”* -Kevin Owens 2020

  • Treontae Jones
    Treontae Jones

    The USOS Twins and Bella Twins are Twins I watch them on tv Snoop Dogg Sasha Banks took few pictures with them

  • Themfeels101

    I mean....Paul has known lots of Jey's family, when Jey was 10 Paul was in the WWE, so he probably does depending on how deep the relationship goes.

  • yourlocalFatima

    why was i laughing the whole time 😂😂

  • nothingtoseehere

    This one is the worst one

  • nothingtoseehere

    I like the old roman reigns

  • PhilosoWolf

    Brock Lesnar: Paul Heyman’s 🐶 Roman Reigns: Paul Heyman’s Master

  • Alex Nicholson 38
    Alex Nicholson 38


  • Oscar Phyo
    Oscar Phyo

    Is’t rollens also jey usos cuzun also

  • BlackHeart Koda
    BlackHeart Koda

    not gonna lie they should have done this ages ago....i love this roman.

  • Timothy Lewis
    Timothy Lewis

    Guys this is scrippted why is he looking off camera

  • Amy Carey
    Amy Carey

    What the heck happened to Roman he is so weird now

    • Atispong Tle
      Atispong Tle

      heel Roman >>>>>

    • Aaron JudgeFan
      Aaron JudgeFan

      he turned heel

  • Ninja

    It comes to jey and kevin talking like friends then they become big rivals

  • Priesthood Ndze
    Priesthood Ndze

    Is not possible for jey to be outta the family he was born into the family

  • Jack Vesperi
    Jack Vesperi

    Roman is not my tribal chief

  • Elian Soler
    Elian Soler

    Roman I Like

  • Arthur gaming and Vloging
    Arthur gaming and Vloging

    I hate the new Roman reigns I like the old Roman

  • Ryan Porter
    Ryan Porter

    It might just be me but I think Seth would be a better pairing for Roman as Jey just feels worthless atm

  • Ary Ingram
    Ary Ingram


  • World Of Lisa
    World Of Lisa

    And this ladies and gents is why i simp for wwe characters

  • Brook Burrell
    Brook Burrell

    Roman Reigns & the Bloodline are the new mafia of WWE


    I love that ko was wearing a dusty Rhodes T-shirt

  • Winston Banks
    Winston Banks

    Hey uso

  • Maddox

    I can't stand romams character

  • Nerf and wwe gang
    Nerf and wwe gang

    Roman reigns has turned into a bad guy

  • William Prescott
    William Prescott

    I love Roman reins bro I love it jimmy and jay haft to do there thing Roman will be there

  • Ghali Harb
    Ghali Harb


  • Jack Gillis 60 (STUDENT)
    Jack Gillis 60 (STUDENT)

    This Roman Reigns would demolish Brock Lesnar no doubt

  • Kamarion Harris
    Kamarion Harris

    Roman that’s my dude

  • Kamarion Harris
    Kamarion Harris

    And Kevin Owens was disrespecting my friend Roman reigns

  • StunnerPlayz

    Awww bruh Paul has a better shot in the family then he doesn’t 😂

  • Aldo Daniel Dominguez
    Aldo Daniel Dominguez


  • Desmond Najera
    Desmond Najera

    Lol roman rain is so cool

  • Sir Count
    Sir Count

    This roman reigns is what we needed years ago he's always been a natural heel I've seen his work as leakeh in fcw and I wondered why didn't wwe ran with that he's always been a natural heel.

  • AstroWorld Cedd
    AstroWorld Cedd

    3:58 ever kid when they are in trouble 😂😂

  • Afaq Muhammed
    Afaq Muhammed

    roman reigns is evil and turned jimmy uso evils as well booo

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan

    Rock is the king of the family

  • Btw_Fish

    3:57 me explaining to my teacher why i didn't do my missing assignments paul heymans reaction


    Roman Reigns orders Jey Uso to redeem the Uso Family against Kevin Owens: SmackDown, Nov. 6, 2020

  • daryl mason
    daryl mason


  • Jo Freeman
    Jo Freeman

    Maaaan Roman Reigns would make an excellent super hero

  • George Sanchez
    George Sanchez

    Hi jey uso is my favourite and roman reigns and paul are my favorite dode

  • Da Real Dee 1
    Da Real Dee 1

    Roman turned into a demon

  • Da Real Dee 1
    Da Real Dee 1

    Kevin Owens changed he is more friendly and nicer

  • Milo-

    Roman will definitely leave wwe for Hollywood at some point

  • Crazy Hercules
    Crazy Hercules

    I like this angle of Samoan Reigns being the Chief rather than being “the Guy”

  • Ycats namfuak
    Ycats namfuak

    He makes his family feel inferior to him! He thinks he’s a know it all! He’s just stuck up and he feels he’s better than everyone else even his own wife

    • BigBlackBootyDaddy

      They ARE inferior He's the #1 man in the company

  • Matt Fisher
    Matt Fisher

    The chief got a white man speaking for him???? Nah, roman ain't a real cheif lmaooo

  • Orange Terracotta
    Orange Terracotta

    1:52 shoulda super kicked her

  • Kamarion Harris
    Kamarion Harris

    I just miss Jey bro

  • Tsairo Houghton
    Tsairo Houghton

    best heal wwe could've thought about making

  • Whiterose Bloodmoon
    Whiterose Bloodmoon

    Roman=injustice Superman

  • B Williams
    B Williams

    Is anyone paying attention how Jay is nervous talking to Roman or is it just me?!?!?!?!?! Cuz he looking nervous talking to him O.O

  • Anass Bazza
    Anass Bazza

    Kevin Owens joins the smack down roster

  • Bosch, Audley 25
    Bosch, Audley 25

    Why do you have to be mean to your cousin that’s just disrespectful

  • Anton McDaniels
    Anton McDaniels

    New Roman a goat

  • Olt Gegollaj
    Olt Gegollaj

    i miss 2016 Roman i hate this Roman rn he was my favorite wrestler now he is not F Roman Reigns

  • Nu-Unique Choice
    Nu-Unique Choice

    Let's go RomeyRome....I wonder who lines his hair up?? Black barbershop?

  • Nu-Unique Choice
    Nu-Unique Choice

    Let's go R💖MAN!! Big fan of you!!

  • otis jackson
    otis jackson


  • Angel Guerra
    Angel Guerra

    What happened to Brock Lesnar

    • Colton Clay
      Colton Clay

      I dont think he has a contract rn

  • Detronixt

    Cmon jey you're an uso you may be a twin but you got your own life to live dont let Roman tell u what to do I know its discipline cause hes the tribal chief but if Roman keeps bossing everyone around there ain't no tribe hes gonna be chief of Roman reigns chief of nothing

  • Havick Hybrid
    Havick Hybrid

    I hate what there doing with roman now

  • Marek Benak
    Marek Benak

    Kevin was talking like gay did you hear guys he was go check it again he was talking like gay

  • azapro911

    The wasted years that Roman should have been like this.

  • Exequiel Ortega
    Exequiel Ortega

    What the...!? What's up with Heyman's tan?

  • Pamela Deck
    Pamela Deck

    Roman jey night Friday tv show you

  • El_PollitoWarrio219Sotelo Sir
    El_PollitoWarrio219Sotelo Sir

    Paul hey man is behaving like a baby face

  • Pamela Deck
    Pamela Deck

    Roman jey night Friday tv show tomorrow

  • Pamela Deck
    Pamela Deck

    Roman jey rigens Friday night tv show dog big Tritle bule wew

  • Khlo Khlo
    Khlo Khlo

    Roman like the big brother in all these


    Why is Roman so arrogant all of a sudden

  • Fullmetal V
    Fullmetal V

    roman' you where my favriout guy now im on the usos your my worst

  • Vegeta The goat
    Vegeta The goat

    Jey:Breathes Roman:Who the hell told you to breathe!?

  • Ayub Tsehaie
    Ayub Tsehaie

    the thing is how is Roman reigns the head of everyone what happend to Stephanie and triple h

  • Holt Hazel
    Holt Hazel

    @Jeff Freddy cancerous man on earth

  • Anthony Barrett
    Anthony Barrett

    Kayla needs a super kick

  • Sky Toppin 22
    Sky Toppin 22

    I really HATE Paul seriously

  • Joseph Haynes
    Joseph Haynes

    This is the best version of Roman Reigns's character there has ever been! He feels like a true top heel now!

  • C4Zero

    Amazing how a heel turn can improve a character I just wish Ceba did his heel turn

  • DC

    Who else hates Kayla Braxton?

  • Iqubal family
    Iqubal family


  • Sunrise Gamer
    Sunrise Gamer

    Kayla throwing mad shade tho 😂 I love it

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