Alliances we never saw coming: WWE Playlist
From the new partnership between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman to The Rock ’n’ Sock Connection, look back at some alliances no one anticipated.
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  • Harsgaard

    Roman Reigns ... overrated.

  • just tell me santino
    just tell me santino

    Holy cow Jim cornette sucks as a commentator

  • DaManEX1983

    What about Undertaker and Big Show? No one saw that one coming mostly because it didn't make much sense.

  • Cashier Record
    Cashier Record

    shane McMan is the best

  • Bigg rob high five
    Bigg rob high five

    here a good question why is there TV's around the ring at summerslam 1996 mankind and paul bearer clip

  • Abhishek Prakash
    Abhishek Prakash

    Without fans WWE is worthless...... 🐯

  • Jared Mills
    Jared Mills


  • Phantom X Gaming
    Phantom X Gaming

    Respect the tribal chief

  • ZensSZN

    I don’t get it, Paul betrayed Brock and yet they worked together lots of times

  • Chris Bee
    Chris Bee

    04:20 and made nothing out of it...

  • Aj

    I can’t go to one time stamp without 2 ads

  • Ell Jayy
    Ell Jayy

    Hogan joining the NWO?

  • Justin B B
    Justin B B

    4:57 the ref dancing to Dude Love's music.

  • Viraj Kadam
    Viraj Kadam

    8:48 LOL

  • Ashutosh Garg
    Ashutosh Garg

    Tbh, Rock and Stone Cold together overshadowed the corporate ministry

  • Will Corprew
    Will Corprew

    13:24 they walked instead of running😂😂😂

  • Zahid Ali Ansari
    Zahid Ali Ansari


  • Zahid Ali Ansari
    Zahid Ali Ansari


  • Zahid Ali Ansari
    Zahid Ali Ansari


  • Falcon Reign
    Falcon Reign

    Romans new heel turn is really impressive one of the best scripted characters in wwe props

  • Little Mac Is underrated
    Little Mac Is underrated

    Now mad at Roman reigns because he spoiled the outcome of payback

  • Sudley

    14:05 Darren young screams “I’ll protect you Titus!!” PTP💎

  • Aaron Smart
    Aaron Smart

    Thats when the tag division was dope

  • Nnadozie

    Those 2 couldn't warm up to each other if they were cremated together - Jerry "The King" Lawler

  • THEtop18

    1997 Dude Love and Stone Cold - New Tag Team Champions 1998 Mankind vs Undertaker in the best Hell in a Cell match 1999 Mankind wins his first wwe title 2000 Mick Foley (Cactus Jack) returns

  • CryLittleSister

    HHH and Randy Orton at Summerslam 2013 was another one

  • Villa on the Road
    Villa on the Road

    Well i saw the roman one but ok

  • DCM7734

    Deliberately putting a lag into the video so we can't see Paul Bearer hitting The Undertaker is really annoying

  • Javier Sang Sim
    Javier Sang Sim

    2:49 Big Show no selling

  • DriFT_VisUalZ_YT

    I really want to see a tag team match of Roman and lesnar vs strowman and the fiend

  • Darius Frink
    Darius Frink

    Mick Foley dominated this Playlist, legend.

  • Donjuan Wessells
    Donjuan Wessells

    Austin's face when Dude Love showed up on the screen!😂😂😂😂

  • Jesse Montgomery
    Jesse Montgomery

    Remember when I made the roman Heyman alliance on wwe 2k19

  • Nut Man24
    Nut Man24

    i love how daniel and kane became friends by killing innocent people

  • Samsara

    Shane McMahon: are there any takers? *Undertaker appears*

  • MG33

    Hello world

  • TMFGino

    Most of us wanted this to happen

  • stone cold
    stone cold


  • Mohamedlazy

    I just feel like any wwe superstar that makes Paul Heyman the special counsel they are soo scary and fearless and cool Idk why


    I honestly saw Roman and paul

  • Vijay Satyavarapu
    Vijay Satyavarapu

    Andrè the Gaint alliance with Bobby Heenan is just amazing.

  • Noah Ventresca
    Noah Ventresca

    Let’s just say mick foley is always an unlikely partner 🤣

  • Dj Icon
    Dj Icon

    When Austin betrayed wwf and joined with wcw & ecw

  • Adil Sarker
    Adil Sarker

    Austin turning heel ruined his career. Thank God John Cena didn't turn heel.

  • Paul Albert
    Paul Albert

    Brock Lesnar got screwed by Paul Heyman with The Big Show. Few years later, RVD got screwed by Paul Heyman with The Big Show.

  • chriis napolion
    chriis napolion

    Leech Heyman

  • Evan Bradley
    Evan Bradley

    ngl i miss The Rock’s old theme that was in this video

  • Rhys Swann-Parker
    Rhys Swann-Parker

    Paul Heyman's crazy

  • Zvikomborero Choga
    Zvikomborero Choga

    Shane be sounding like Vince in the old days

  • Giant Waddles
    Giant Waddles

    I love how big show just gets up after the rock and sock connection

  • monu sharma
    monu sharma

    Undertaker promo was pure hell🔥

  • gerald_dimick 2005
    gerald_dimick 2005

    10:55 why didn't it show him getting hit

  • Storage guy
    Storage guy

    Question tho.. at 10:28 why were there TVs on each corner of the ring?

  • Charles Carter
    Charles Carter

    The rock vs stone cold 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • D-Black Aint Tryna Get Banned
    D-Black Aint Tryna Get Banned

    I wonder if it was planned for Stone Cold to hit the Rock with the chair exactly 17 times at Wrestlemania 17

  • andy wong
    andy wong

    Triple H teaming up with Austin was also an unexpected alliance.

  • Tomas Jerry
    Tomas Jerry

    The rock and Stone Cold vs The Corporate Ministry was legendary.

  • D.A. Vaughn
    D.A. Vaughn

    I like how they play the old stuff in the Grayscale like it's old stuff.

  • CABLe Killah804
    CABLe Killah804

    No alliance any fan will forget is McMahon & Austin. That is the most unprecedented alliance in the history of WWE

  • Sam Kletz
    Sam Kletz

    Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are the perfect combination

  • Zac Jordan
    Zac Jordan

    haven't watched the video but stone cold vince mahon will be number 1

  • jose german castillo contreras
    jose german castillo contreras

    Randy orton and triple h un summerslam

  • Kidd Prodigy1024
    Kidd Prodigy1024

    Team hell no 😂

  • Wrestling Moniker
    Wrestling Moniker

    Gezus Foley was so over!

  • Papa Pawer
    Papa Pawer

    Man! Team Hell No is just a joy to watch

  • alelusio

    Rock, Foley and Austin were the Attitude Era

  • Jeff & Kayla W.
    Jeff & Kayla W.

    “STONE COLD IS SHAKING HANDS WITH SATAN HIMSELF” Well the first creature Satan used for evil was a snake so it makes sense lol

    • Lucifer The Devil
      Lucifer The Devil

      @Gandalf the Grey Shut up

    • Gandalf the Grey
      Gandalf the Grey

      We were so wrong for too long!!! Spread the word! WWE is the TV portait of the Bible! Wake up sheeple

  • Zeel Patel
    Zeel Patel

    because brock lesner did not want to perform without audience that leaves paul heyman out of job, so his new script starts with roman🤦🏻‍♂️

  • William Mcguire
    William Mcguire

    That's when wrestling was interesting

  • DrAxe Dharme
    DrAxe Dharme

    Shane: Are there any "Takers"? *Taker's music hits* Well played

  • Longjam Amar
    Longjam Amar



    Seth rollins betraying Shield ??

    • h V.j
      h V.j

      They wont post that bc moxley is in aew now

  • Manoj Patel
    Manoj Patel

    Roman good

  • Raktim Mukherjee
    Raktim Mukherjee

    Love you Roman ❤️

  • Raktim Mukherjee
    Raktim Mukherjee

    Roman + decision of WWE 🔥

    • john cena
      john cena

      Garvage decision

  • Zain Dawood
    Zain Dawood

    2:31 the most electrifying du-AAHH

  • Mhamad O
    Mhamad O


  • Renegade mega30
    Renegade mega30

    God in heaven I hate the stone cold theme song it is garbage

  • Mulu mog Moges asfaye
    Mulu mog Moges asfaye

    Love roman range❤❤❤

  • Ethereal Carnival
    Ethereal Carnival

    Man I miss this version of Daniel Bryan

  • Ethereal Carnival
    Ethereal Carnival

    Man I miss this version of Daniel Bryan

  • Ethereal Carnival
    Ethereal Carnival

    Man I miss this version of Daniel Bryan

  • J.Creations

    Big dog tribal chief head on the table .. universal champion .. roman reigns

  • Justin Martin
    Justin Martin

    Paul heyman jus do his job

  • Jakobe Wells 2.0
    Jakobe Wells 2.0

    What about Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn and Cesaro becoming alliance

  • Mr. Beefy
    Mr. Beefy

    Heyman & JR's call on Wrestlemania 17 was so epic. I still smile & get goosebumps every time I hear it lol

  • Kh NaDa
    Kh NaDa

    អាឆ្កែមីឆ្គែភ្នង កុំខ្លាំងពេក...។

  • Shane Spiess
    Shane Spiess

    For me if you want to get boos from fans as a heel align yourself with Paul Heyman or even better Vince McMahon.

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan

    I love roman reigns

  • Kek A
    Kek A

    JR's commentary is everything on that last scene

  • Riley Chev
    Riley Chev

    I predicted Roman and Paul 5 years ago. Comment section on Brock vs Heyman steel cage video.

  • Haydxn

    Where's Kane and X-Pac?

  • Pratul Deka
    Pratul Deka

    Roman reniges pagal ha

  • jesse vollmar
    jesse vollmar

    Austin Lord have MÊËRČŸY is great tag staple announcement for wwe2k22

  • Grizz With 10 Z's
    Grizz With 10 Z's

    5:40 Dude Love messed up Stone Cold so bad he started rubbing his hand through his hair that he dont have.

  • juwita Sujatmiko Afandi
    juwita Sujatmiko Afandi


  • juwita Sujatmiko Afandi
    juwita Sujatmiko Afandi

    From The Rock 'N Rock Never SAW ALIANCES WWE COMING

  • Jason Caban
    Jason Caban

    "Where the hell did owens go?" Top quality commentary right there.

  • Andrea Dantas
    Andrea Dantas

    He is not bad guy he's not a good guy he's pual haman

  • Suicidal Winds
    Suicidal Winds

    El genérico luchador and kevin steel roh classic team