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  • Eduardo Lira
    Eduardo Lira


  • Darshan Sarma roll no:10
    Darshan Sarma roll no:10

    Roman Reigns is the best. He is in my heart ❤❤❤

  • Pavankumar Palivela
    Pavankumar Palivela

    Most vest fellow of Rey Mysterio

  • Alejandro Calderón rumbo
    Alejandro Calderón rumbo

    Demuestrale quien manda rey ,tu eres el rey.😵

  • Asim Majumder
    Asim Majumder




  • Alex Estrada
    Alex Estrada

    I cried cuz I'm a 40 old man next month. Life humble us. We all in this together

  • Annabelle Ouellette
    Annabelle Ouellette

    Jdyihd jrhn

  • Dr Mridula Kar
    Dr Mridula Kar


  • Dr Mridula Kar
    Dr Mridula Kar

    I am loving Apollo Crews

  • MyNameisNohbody

    This is why Big E is a national treasure.😂

  • Rohit Bapat
    Rohit Bapat

    That's why they broke up

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    Damn they fired half of the commercial a week after

  • d ss
    d ss

    So did she apologize?

  • Dr Mridula Kar
    Dr Mridula Kar

    I'm excited for NXT TAKEOVER : IN YOUR HOUSE.

  • Asim Majumder
    Asim Majumder

    Earl Hebner is the greatest wrestler😂😂

  • Chinkhol Siam
    Chinkhol Siam

    Amazing match 🔥🔥

  • Rian Playz
    Rian Playz

    I hate Seth!!!

  • Luka Toni Pro
    Luka Toni Pro

    Roman why😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Techy Manish
    Techy Manish

    Braun strowman is a gay😂

  • philip ceasar asuncion
    philip ceasar asuncion


  • Samuel Kandula
    Samuel Kandula

    Reigns was going good when he was the ( BIG DOG ) 💥🔥

  • Wenche

    Regal doesen’t need to say a thing his face sayes it all lol

  • Jamie Deering
    Jamie Deering

    I really hope Rey wins, I don't think he will cos Roman seems to be the new Brock Lesnar, only difference is Roman is there every night but doesn't do much

  • Muhwahyu Ilhami
    Muhwahyu Ilhami


  • rqx ӝ
    rqx ӝ

    Cena is better

  • Brent keween vlogs
    Brent keween vlogs

    John Cena big show Mark Henry the Miz R Truth Randy Orton dolph zipper the Rock the bar the shield the Usos vs CM Punk Daniel Bryan the nexus Rosters the authority watch video full match John Cena ls living destroy killed from CM Punk Daniel Bryan the nexus description way John Cena not living team crew make

  • Love and Feelings
    Love and Feelings

    Daniel is the best fighter.

  • vjh dfg
    vjh dfg

    យើ.៊ាំ៊?ី%ទះុុហូូួញ ?? ?

  • Serge De Leon
    Serge De Leon

    Tiktok version of this

  • Vann Estacion
    Vann Estacion

    Where the one who unified the tag team championship

  • Lakhan janghela
    Lakhan janghela

    Who is here after braun is released by WWE 😶

  • Mike Dilkes
    Mike Dilkes

    Undertaker is a legand he is my favourite 😄😄😁😁⚠️

  • NO ONE
    NO ONE

    No matter how good khali performs .....but the ww American audience will never cheer to him ..in majority of the matches ...and that shows their attitude

  • m3ssiah

    Wwf was gold

  • anak kampret
    anak kampret


  • ꧁ఌ-тυğɾα- GACHAఌ꧂
    ꧁ఌ-тυğɾα- GACHAఌ꧂

    2:14 what control ps4

  • Jose Herrera
    Jose Herrera

    She’s good at memorizing her lines I’ll say that

  • Somaya Yawari
    Somaya Yawari


  • coco Marcus
    coco Marcus

    do they even ring the bell before the p match anymore?


    Roman think hë can beat mysterio at hell in a cell

  • Sidography VPgrapher
    Sidography VPgrapher

    Kross is scary

  • Bernard Richardson
    Bernard Richardson

    I don’t like this match! If it were 10 yrs ago against Rey vs Roman then I would say bring it on! Smack down has really run out of people to face Roman & give him real competition! I really thought edge fight with him would be great but it turn out to be a dud! Then you let go Braun who I thought had to stamina to go toe to toe with Roman & the USO’s but now since they let him go, Roman has basically beaten a bunch nobody’s to show how truly dominant he is! They really need Brock to come back & really spice things up or drew to come over from raw to get a shot. This Roman storyline is getting old. I don’t see another level to this only if Jimmy fights him and jet or the rock step in and decides that he wants the smoke that Roman is putting out there!

  • Amisu Usman
    Amisu Usman

    Miss you punk. ❤

  • Moly Pakse
    Moly Pakse


  • ابن الموصل
    ابن الموصل

    منو عربي يحك لايك 👍🙋‍♂️

  • Bishal Messi
    Bishal Messi


  • ME-PES-13

    undertaker cheated, actually he didn't win

  • Kurt'O

    This is a play, not a wrestling match. I really wanted to enjoy this :/

  • Dr Mridula Kar
    Dr Mridula Kar

    Smackdown is the best wrestling show

  • Sısısıısısıskss Skdkskdkkd
    Sısısıısısıskss Skdkskdkkd

    Oh ye

  • Mathew Diaz
    Mathew Diaz

    john cena army

  • Sam Ahmad
    Sam Ahmad

    Who can hate Goldberg man had the look the Carisma the moves u must be wack if u don’t belive the hype

  • waqas tricks
    waqas tricks

    Always Undertaker❤️❤️

  • Alex Carlucci
    Alex Carlucci

    Fake or whatever this was great 🤣

  • Matical gamer
    Matical gamer

    Go rondaaLaa


    His first fight against Dean ❤️❤️

  • Nqabayomuzi Khulile KaMangweni Gumede
    Nqabayomuzi Khulile KaMangweni Gumede

    Yuh raw is bad but not as bad as you guys are making it to look like

  • LarryLadale

    The best wrestlers are from Texas. HBK, Stone Cold, Taker, Eddie, and The Booker Man.

  • t Hi
    t Hi

    🤮🤮🤮🤮 Alexa and The girl

  • Ryanne Ornada
    Ryanne Ornada

    2005: Stacy Keibler 2020: Beth Phoenix Ortons's heel turns against the women's division

  • Binita Mistry
    Binita Mistry

    John Cena is power full in tackle.

    • Binita Mistry
      Binita Mistry

      Comment is by megh


    strowman are so bad i dont like her

  • Roshaan Zahid
    Roshaan Zahid

    So no one's gonna talk about how terrible bailey-bianca storyline is

  • Nᴏ1 Hᴀʀʏᴀɴᴀ Status hit's
    Nᴏ1 Hᴀʀʏᴀɴᴀ Status hit's

    Khali is best verus others fighters jyda indian roman reing ko pasand karte hai unki choice hai but ham indian hai tu indian ko he support karna chaiye khali is best i proud to be a indian

  • Dip Khapung Limbu
    Dip Khapung Limbu

    Wwe king 👑 Roman 🤟🤟💕💕💪💪💪

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Goldberg is gold

  • Vann Estacion
    Vann Estacion

    Suprisingly The WWE Championship belt(spinner) which a personalize for Cena that became a standard belt for many years isnt on the list

  • Kiran Sonu
    Kiran Sonu

    WWE is best

  • Van Ryan Wong De Li
    Van Ryan Wong De Li

    Why did it seem to me is Kane 1997 1998 1999 why did it seem like Kane is holding back he just let the undertaker keep hitting him like he was going easy on him

  • Ayad Ali
    Ayad Ali

    🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️Bayley is from San Jose, not Los Angeles!🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • Abhijit Baruah
    Abhijit Baruah

    Wwe is the Fake show of the world

  • Adel Bechtoula
    Adel Bechtoula

    "T h e f e u d m u s t g o e s o n" Damn it wwe do something new

  • d ss
    d ss

    Becky and Alexa land on the metal bar under the table both hurting themselves. But when Becky is slammed onto the same table it snaps like a matchstick!?!